When the good times are gone,

and monsters release their spawn,

if you might be good,

in heart and soul,

the you might find your brawn,

and the Dark Times might begone.

If you can find your way in darkness,

and if the monsters you might assess,

then you might be able,

to light your way,

so that you can not sway.

If you seem to harken to the shadows,

and find that you can not sow,

the seeds of goodness,

and the water that is not blesst,

then hopefully you may find your way,

so that you will not,

overrun the world,

in total chaos and darkness.

If the shadows look dark,

but the light looks too bright,

then find the middle road,

the one known,

as the “road less traveled.”

If Lawful Good you are,

to the law you adhere,

and to the King you listen,

then maybe it’s time,

to take up the staff,

in the school of lawyersism.

But if Chaotic Evil you seem to be,

and the fellows are a bit too happy,

be careful if,

you plunge the world into darkness,

because there might not be any world left.

So take care,

if you adventure out in the world,

to keep your purse-strings tight,

and your sword loose in its scabbard,

then its always interesting,

if the Pythoness has seen and foretold,

that you will give way,

will you listen,

or will you disobey.

The Veils of Mist