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The Nerath Empire was wiped out a 100 years ago, when the Godswar ended. Following the Godswar, the Bloodeye Orcs swept through the lands, bringing death and destruction.

The PCs live in the north-west of the continent of Aeia.

While it is primarily ruled by humans, it consists of many Races that live in the world:

The elves are sometimes seen, from cover of the trees, dancing around fires at night and singing their songs.

The eladrin sometimes come to this world to see how we (Humans) live, and sometimes out of curiosity.

The dwarves live in their mountain homes and trade precious gems.

The dragonborn roam the world as mercenaries and heirs to a once-grand empire, Arkhosia.

Half Elves, most commonly known as Long-Ears, often travel the world as merchants and peddlers.

Small in stature, but not in size of heart, halflings, wander the world’s riverways and wilderness passes.

Heirs to the ancient empire of Bael Turath, tieflings are not always accepted in cities, but beware! Tieflings are powerful.

In the midst of battle, a barbarians are the gale of destruction, and it is not wise to get in the way of a barbarian when he is raging.

Clerics empower the people and are holy priests of their gods.

Druids are defenders of the forests, and tread the trails. Woe to those who decide to harm the druid’s friends.

Fighters are strong warriors who stop their enemies and protect their allies.

Invoking the power of the gods, the Invoker blasts foes from a distance and hinders them with spells.

Holy champions and divinely-powered warriors, paladins crusade in the name of their gods, and is righteous tempest of fury.

Rangers live in the wilderness and sometimes guide strangers through the forest. Many are masters of the bow, but others also use two weapons.

Rogues, those who sneak quickly and quietly, are known for their abilities to hit their enemies in vital spots.

Wardens are strong people.

Those that make pacts to get magic are known as Warlocks, and are fearsome foes with even fiercer reputations.

Masters of the arcane and unnatural, Wizards use their powers to hinder their foes or blast them to oblivion.

Main Page

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